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    Berita Tergempar EMO

    Ada berita buruk pasal EMO. Aset dia kena freeze oleh Texas Attorney General. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut korang boleh baca berita ni dan perbincangan pasal benda ni kat forum mmg.
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    rasanya mmg betul ler tu kot. Macam mane le si EMO ni takde lesen le pulak.. bahaya nie
    Hidup ini perlu diteruskan walau apa kepayahan melanda.

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    pehh....ni macam kes stormpay gak ke? kes disyaki takde lesen...

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    e-gold camne ek?? bahaya nih ... semua cam dah tak selamat

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    Apa dah JADI n NAK JADI?

    Quote Originally Posted by nazha
    pehh....ni macam kes stormpay gak ke? kes disyaki takde lesen...
    Monday, March 13, 2006

    Attorney General Abbott Files Emergency Action To Protect Clients Of Unlicensed Online Payment Service
    EMO Corp. and officers cannot account for $2.4 million in customer cash

    AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has obtained an asset freeze and emergency approval for a court-appointed receiver to take over the operations of unlicensed Austin-based online payment service EMO Corp.

    The company and its officers, Todd L. Tredeau, Tracey Jones and Nancy C. Humphries cannot fully account for more than $5.4 million that consumers placed into their accounts. The company’s books show they have only $3 million cash on hand, which means EMO cannot account for
    $2.4 million belonging to its customers. The officers failed to register with the Texas Banking Department and obtain a license as a “money services business,” as required by law.

    Media Links

    Sample EMO Corp. web pages
    Attorney General's lawsuit against EMO
    Temporary restraining order against EMO

    “These officers must account for their outrageous mismanagement of consumers’ money, which they promised would be secure,” said Attorney General Abbott. “The court’s appointment of a receiver to seize control of this company’s assets will provide an opportunity to determine where this money has gone.”

    The company’s Web site, www.emocorp.com, touts the service as a safe way to conduct financial transactions online, as a service to assist consumers who are recent victims of fraud and businesses that handle payrolls.

    Consumers who open accounts with online payment services can deposit money into their accounts via credit cards or bank transfers and expect instant access to their accounts. The consumer uses the service to send or receive money to and from other members via electronic transfers. According to information given to the Department of Banking by EMO Corp., the company has a current customer base of 17,000 nationwide, with 6,000 of these in Texas.

    The Banking Department denied EMO a license for failure to meet minimum net worth requirements of $500,000 and other statutory requirements. Furthermore, according to the company’s own financial statements presented to the Department of Banking, the company is insolvent.

    Upon investigation following the asset freeze, the Attorney General will seek restitution to any consumer harmed by these transactions, as well as civil penalties and attorneys’ fees.

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    abis la kesah hikayat sang rajuna tapa... ape pun yg terjadi... punca segale masalah nih dari makhluk puake scampay tu la... kalu tak aku rase ok jek... tapi dah nak terjadik... adelah hikmahnya tu... cume kite kene muhasabah diri la... ape yg kurang... :-)


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    hadoi cemana ngan duit kat dlm tu waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    nasib baik aku dah wire hari tu kalo x lagi keciwaaaaa

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    Satu2 buat hal... Kalu camni kita bukak PP kita sendiri lah... Pakai duit betoi.. Mesti x dak problem punya..

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    mcm x caya pula, kejap dDos attack kejap unlicensed service... entah2 missionnya sama cam stormpay... imagine kalau smua PP mcm nih, termasuk lah eg dan sebagainya... dpt imagine? hehe... nampak muka korang dah pucat! minta2 jgn lah jd cam tu...

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    aku rasa mcm komplot jer...dari kes stormpay pastu 12dp..pastu emo... x pun mungkin emo kena freeze sebab 12dp (semasa siasatan FBI buat isu emo muncul).. pasni habis melarat...apa apa hal pun stormpyn nie penyebab utama...

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