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Wedding Dress Styles - A Guide to Styles of Wedding Dress

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  • Wedding Dress Styles - A Guide to Styles of Wedding Dress

    Finding your perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting aspects of your wedding planning, but what you need to keep in mind when you begin your search is that it has little do with the dress and more with how you and the dress fit together. The key to finding the right one is knowing which wedding dress styles will suit you best.
    A wedding dress may look beautiful on the hanger but when you try it on it is a different story. Similarly it may look awkward on the hanger but fabulous as soon as you put it on. Finding your perfect wedding dress is knowing which styles to look for to accentuate all your best bits and to hide your worst!
    The secret to choosing the right style of wedding dress is to find the best dress for your body shape. You will need to find one which will draw all the attention to your best assets and which will de-emphasize your less than perfect ones. In many ways what you want to achieve is an optical illusion with your wedding dress.
    The are four basic body shapes and everyone of us will fall into one of them:
    • The Pear - this shape has narrow shoulders and wider hips. A pear shape is usually two different dress sizes top and bottom.
    • The Inverted Triangle - broad shoulders and narrow hips makes an inverted triangle the opposite of the pear.
    • The Rectangle - you are pretty much the same size from your shoulders to your hips and may have a slightly ‘boyish’ figure.
    • The Hourglass - Your hips and bust are the same size and you have a smaller, defined waist.

    The right style for each of these body shapes is too detailed to go into here, but here is a quick guide for each body shape on the wedding dress styles you should look for:
    The Pear - A-line or princess cut wedding dress styles are best for the pear shape. You need a style which will move with you and not be too clingy. Avoid anything that will add weight to your lower half and avoid detailing on the skirt which will draw the eye to that area.
    The Inverted Triangle - Choose a simple bodice and a skirt accented with lace, embroidery, beads or crystals. Look for waistlines with a U or V shape (Basque style) which will help to create a waistline.
    The Rectangle - Look out for sleek and sophisticated dress styles which will not define your shape. If you want to give the illusion of curves then choose a princess style which will give definition to your hips and waist.
    The Hourglass - This is the easiest bodyshape to find a style for as most wedding dresses are designed for the hourglass. You can pretty much choose whatever you want as long as your top half does not look too full. Sheath and mermaid styles will accentuate your curves whilst Basque or dropped waistlines will emphasize a natural waist.