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  • 97 Tracks Electro Compilation

    Artist: VA
    Album: Electro Compilation
    Release Date: 16.10.2009
    Style: Electro house
    Number of tracks: 97
    Length: 601 min
    Size: 1.23 Gb
    Bitrate: 256 / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
    upload: RAPIDSHARE.COM

    1. Ades Vapor - The Sound (Original Mix)
    2. Alexandre De Beauregard - Parisian Massacre (Original Mix)
    3. Bartlett And Dyor - Floating Beyond (Electro Crazy Dub)
    4. Basslovers United - Doubledecker (Mondo Remix)
    5. Bastian Bates - Cant Slow Down (Original Mix)
    6. CJ Andre - Tribal Dance (Original Mix)
    7. Crazy Town-Butterfly (Alex van Bass remix Radio edit)
    8. D'azoo At Night - Derb 2009 (Original Extended Mix)
    9. D'azoo At Night - Shake, No Break (FIKUS remix)
    10. Davaiy Rossi - Ilker Aydn Electro Mix)
    11. Dave Darell vs. Paul Van Dyk - Free For Angel (Dan Price Mashup)
    12. David Estebal - The Piano Style (Dario Trapani And Danny B Electronix Mix)
    13. David Guetta feat. Stellar - Spend My Money Bitch (Chris D Bootleg)
    14. Delirium - Silence (Club Mix Final)
    15. DJ Antention - No Control (Original Mix)
    16. Dj Boyko Pres. Sound Shocking - I Miss Your Love (Dj Solovey Remix)
    17. DJ Frank Nuckless - Dignified (Nuckless Electro Mix)
    18. Dj Jeff - Dreams (Quantro Mix)
    19. Dj Roma Waild - Shake it (Original mix)
    20. Dj Smash feat Shakhzoda - Between Heaven and Earth (DJ Riga EXCLUSIVE Mash Up)
    21. DJ Solovey - 666 Paradoxx (Electro remix)
    22. DJ Solovey - Electro Contact
    23. DJ Solovey - Electro Spartans (Version 2.0)
    24. Dj Viduta - Pozitiv 2
    25. DJ Viduta VS. Dada Life - Pozitiv Lollipop (Fuck'N'Groove Mash Up Mix)
    26. DMC DR SheV - Dance With Me (Electro House Mix)
    27. Eliza G - Summer Lie 2009 (Da Brozz Remix)
    28. Eliza G. - Summer Lie 2009 (Boom Boox Remix)
    29. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Tim Ardy Remix)
    30. Ewa Farna - Cicho (Lakz Electro Mix)
    31. Fashion Beat - Running In The Rain (Original Mix)
    32. Fast Foot and Dj Pin - Speaker Killer 5 (Kill the DJ)
    33. Fast Foot and DJ Solovey - We Rock The Body (original mix 2.9)
    34. Freddy Fader and Rico NL-The Riddle (Andrew Spencer's Electro Riddle Mix)
    35. Frederik Olufsen - Ball (Original Mix)
    36. Gataplex feat. Electra-Dance forever (electro remix by felguk)
    37. Gelo and adam k - the good, the bad and the funky (original mix)
    38. Guru Josh Project - Crying In The Rain (Niels Van Gogh and Dave Ramone Remix)
    39. Hell Ektrik - Voltage (Original Mix)
    40. Hot noizes - saturn (original mix)
    41. Igor Garnier - I Don't Want You Anymore (Vocal mix)
    42. Javi Mula - Come On (Rom.C Remix)
    43. Jay Z Rihanna vs. Johann Sebastian - Bach Run This Town (DJ From Mars)
    44. Joe Maker and David Kus and AngeliKa - Dark Circle (Frenk Dj and Paolo Dee Remix)
    45. Jurgen-Crazy Sexy Cool (Sexy Cool Mix)
    46. K88 - Lucky Star (Club Mix)
    47. Ken Andrews - Just Say Yes (Rom.C Remix)
    48. LexiconDon - Heart Attack (Clockwork Remix)
    49. Liliya - Ap? G8 upnNG iei o8 (DMC DR SheV Electro Natural Remix)
    50. Mad Mark, Ron Carroll - Fly With Me (Florian Arndt Remix)
    51. Magnetic Ft. Eva Menson - The Revolution (Tony.R Remix)
    52. Marc Korn and Trusted Playaz and Sanja - Call Me (Max K Remix)
    53. Marc Lime And K. Bastian - Bizarre (Eric Chase Remix)
    54. Mariah Carey - I Want To Know What Love Is (Chriss Ortega Club Mix)
    55. Martin Solveig - One 2 3 Four (Shoam and Gavriel Remix)
    56. MARTY FAME ft. NATi GAlE - Wholl save you (Incognet rmx)
    57. Masters Of South Ft. Cliff Randall - Only The Dark (South Blast! Remix Edit)
    58. Menini And Viani - Revolution (Original Mix)
    59. Modjo - Lady 2010 (Yash and Sanders Remix)
    61. Mstrss feat. Dedorah Lee - In Danger (Tyron and Mathews Remix)
    62. Nicolas Venotti Pres. David Deletto - Agressif (Original Mix)
    63. Norman Bass and Warp Brothers - How You Like Bass (BuzZTech Remix)
    64. Oceana - Cry Cry (DJ Fisun extended mix)
    65. PH Electro - San Francisco (DJ SipS Club Version)
    66. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Ivan Frost Remix)
    67. Player and Remady - Do It (Original Bassline Mix)
    68. Player and Remady - Player and Remady (Original Mix)
    69. Pro7 - Sister (Miles Dyson's Very Short Remix)
    70. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Tim Le Ei - Can't Stop Rise (Pasha Portnov Bootleg)
    71. Rico Bernasconi - Hit The Dust (Djs From Mars Remix)
    72. Roman B Feat Stereo - It is difficult to stop (Dj Shirshnev and Alex Menco Remix)
    73. Roman B ft. Stereo- It is difficult to stop (DJ Shirshnev, Alex Menco Extended mix)
    74. Royksopp - Tricky Tricky (Horror Shower Remix)
    75. Sebastian Courtier (Dave RamoneRemix) - Never Leave Me feat. Maxx Diag
    76. Slin Project and Inusa Dawuda - If You Believe (DJ Gladiator Remix)
    77. Slin Project and Inusa Dawuda - If You Believe (Dj Sign Remix)
    78. Spice Girls - Wannabe (Elektroniki full Club Mix)
    79. Stanhide - Model Game (Critz Remix)
    80. Stereo Touch - There Must Be An Angel (DJ Salahoff Booty Mix)
    81. Supermode - Tell Me Why 2009 (DJ G. Ros Cold Remix)
    82. The good guys - circle (rawdirts double drop mix)
    83. The Teachers - Great Commandment (Funky Tune Rockers Remix)
    84. Thomas Veex - Salsa Atractiva (Rayto Remix)
    85. Tim Ardy - Genesis (Original Mix)
    86. Timati and Snoop Dogg - Groove on (Alex Astero and Evan Sax Club mix)
    87. Timofey feat. Anita Lixel - Pink City (Remix Sunny Fish Extended)
    88. Topmodelz - Strings Of Infinity 2009 (Club Mix)
    89. Tyrrell - LaLaLaLaLaLa (Original mix)
    90. Valentine Smolich Vs. Junior Jack - Stupidisco (Club Mix)
    91. Viken Mardikian - Let Me Show You (Matt River Remix)
    92. Band'eros - Adios amigo (DJ Stylezz and Sunglasses Djs Remix)
    93. Zhanna Friske - Moscow-London (Aleks Milano mix)
    94. Mirage - Music bound us together (DJ Shevtsov and Alex Astero Radio Mix)
    95. Olesya Astapova - You know! (BuzZTech Full Remix)
    96. Tatiana Bulanova - never-ending story (Dj Kirill Clash Extended remix)
    96. Chinchillas - Chocolate words (Dj Kirill Clash radio remix)